...I'm not honest, but you're interesting.

...stop blaming the booze!

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About time I changed this again. I have many desires in life, one would be to do as much good as possible and change the world for the better blah blah blah - but I really just want to have enough money to own a house and car, and then travel and learn until I die.

I love the Bob and Tom show. You guys ROCK.

What more can I say? I would smoke, and drink, and play golf everyday.

I idolize comedians. All they are and all they do. It's fan-tastic.

JIMMY PARDO (uno means one), JAKE JOHANNSEN (its not a crazy wheel of shit), MIKE BIRBIGLIA (pass the sunchips Cracker)[B&T and full show - and again soon], LOUIS CK (...cant I just be stupid?!), FRANK CALIENDO (then its probably a touchdown), CRAIG SHOEMAKER (Thats a true story), TIM CAVANAGH (hey Tim, sounds like fun!), BRAD GARRETT (I thought it was a local, but he had all his teeth), DAVID CROWE (Hey mushrooms! that's wrong), Drew Hastings (don't hassle me, man!), Bob Zany (BAY-BEE![missed him thrice now]), GREG HAHN (high-five my-self no-friends! SLAP)[B&T and full show], BILL BURR (punching muffins...), IAN BAGG (Nobody wants to hangout with a rock), Dane Cook, EMO PHILIPS (...and it tickled), Bil Dwyer (...oh sweet, sweet irony), Matt Weinhold (a thrown of boys), Jim Gaffigan (...annnd cut), Nick Griffin (and its my special day), TIM BEDORE (thats a lie, there is no Salvation Army Intelligence), GREG WARREN (hehn, hehn; HHMMMM!)[B&T and full show], HENRY PHILLIPS [B&T], KT TATARA, Brian Posehn (DAMN, missed him), GEORGE LOPEZ (mira - its the same shit, the same shit), Kevin Pollak (still kicking myself [near future]), Dan St Paul (Damn, missed twice for no good reason), Lewis Black, DAVE ATTELL (do you ever play 'find the smell'?), Eddie Izzard (covered in bees), DANIEL TOSH (FINALLY! but odd night, see him again sometime), JIMMY SHUBERT (not penatrating, just a threat), LEE LEVINE (Jager-the german word for blackout), MO MANDELL (mom would do Yoga-buzzz buzzz), Brian Regan (whens that baaaby due, oh no), Pablo Francisco (damn reservation), JOHN FOX (...like eating sushi off a barber-shop floor), Robert Schimmel, GEORGE CARLIN (tired but good to see), Louis Ramey (tanning salon, ahhh!), AUGGIE SMITH (stop blaming the booze!)[again soon], Mike Armstrong, Greg Behrendt (riiipped!), Maryellen Hooper, ETTA MAY, JAMES GREGORY (watch out uncle james, shes backin up!), Ralph Harris, Pat Dailey, Mark Sweeney, Tim Allen.

DAMN IT! I missed jon lovitz and jim david.

*Richard Jeni [1957-2007]
*Mitch Hedberg [Rest All Together*2005-03-30*]
*Rodney Dangerfield
*Sam Kinison